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Let's assume cryptocurrency and mobile payment options don't eradicate the need for physical money.

Will America ever evolve to a point where we stop printing "In God We Trust" on our legal tender?

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August1 6 Feb 17

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God, I hope so.


Just the thought of an evolved America is Goddamn hilarious.

You crack me up!!!


Perhaps, but not in my lifetime.


Filosofical figuratists who give a fig figure money is god.


I cross out the 'god' on every bill that passes through my hands.

BDair Level 8 Feb 17, 2022

I have somestimes gone further and written Atheistic messages in the margin or removed and replaced "God".


Thanks to climate change humans have only another 50 years, at most, on this planet. That isn't enough time for our pathetic nation to call a meeting for talking about changing something (which we will never do anyway).

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