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Yesterday I sent a post to Customer Service, reporting that I was unable to access my “wordywalt” account. When I attempted to log in, the site did not recognize my e-mail address, so when I attempted to change my password I was unable to do so. The site program would not let me change the password, yet it called for a verification code which it had not sent to my e-mail address. Yet, when I attempted to establish a new account at my e-mail address, I received the message that an account at that e=mail address already existed.

So, I used a different e-mail address to open a new account under the user name of “wordwalt 2.”. Using that new account to request assistance in recovering my old account, I received NO assistance whatsoever. I have been an member since early in its existence, and have reached level 9, and have 41 followers. I am terribly disappointed with the fact that I have received no assistance in recovering my ‘Wordywalt” account. As a loyal, longtime member, I expect more.

wordywalt2 3 Feb 19

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I had a similar issue with a different website before, and it wasn't very pleasant. The team will get back to you soon and sort things out.

I recently had a positive experience with a US phone number I got online for customer support. There is this cool call queues feature that makes the whole process smoother.


It's disappointing not to get the help you need, especially after being a loyal member for so long.

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