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Why I walked away from the faith of my youth, by Dan Foster.


Reignmond 7 Feb 19

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It was a lie


Wow, that is one long list. Especially given that any one of those should be enough.

Well for myself, one was not enough because religion is the dominant culture (nowadays waning a bit). Any sane person has to question their own thoughts when it goes against nearly the entire populace around them. So, I kept looking. And the more I looked, the more I realized that I was the only sane one and everyone elseis crazy ... as crazy as that sounds.

@Reignmond come visit Europe sometime, you would find yourself much more at home.

@Fernapple I suspect that to be true, and it is on my list, especially the UK area since it is my heritage.
I find it humorous that I now find myself right in semi-rural Georgia and the Bible Belt. But I have to admit they have never tried to stone me and I have plenty of Christian friends.

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