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And this is what much of the American blackmailed world is being "persuaded" to support?

"One of the stated goals of the Russian offensive was to “denazify” Ukraine, crushing the power base of radical nationalists and their organizations, such as the Azov Battalion."

Neo-Nazi Ukrainian group prepares ‘pig-fat laden’ bullets for Muslim fighters []muslims-ukraine/

FrayedBear 9 Feb 28

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We have Nazi's right here in this country. Do you think that gives another country the right to violate our sovereignty, bomb our cities, and kill our citizens?

And that is an interesting point isn't it.

In I think 1964 the Russians sent nuclear missiles to Cuba. America's reaction almost resulted in nuclear war before the missiles got there. Fortunately a Russian submariner overrode the party official & didn't allow an escorting submarine to fire its missiles. In the end Russia backed down but there were a lot of unclean underpants from that event.

So if America objected 56 years ago why do you think Russia should idly allow Biden, your country & NATO allies to pour a $billion of armaments into Ukraine, Russia's neighbour and continue the genocide of Russian speaking inhabitants in the Donbass region?


What utter, utter bullshit.
You might live in Australia, but you are a Russian stooge.
How long before you are thrown off this site for blatant spread of misinformation on social media?

@FrayedBear @Petter
The story has been widely reported, especially by Al-Jazeera, but actually originated from a propaganda tweet put out by the Azov Battalion themselves.
RT were actually a little late to the party, putting out this story.
Twitter has not removed the story because though provocative, it has been found to be largely true.
For information
The Azov Battalion are real but are not officially part of the Ukrainian military
Formed by Andryi Biletsky a white nationalist were on 13 April 2014 authorized by Arsen Avakov Minister of Internal Affairs as a paramilitary forces allowed to hold an armed membership of up to 12,000 soldiers (most were soviet Veterans)
To be known as The Azov Battalion, they were shortly thereafter declared a unit of the Special Tasks Patrol Police, under the direct control of the Interior Ministry.
Though they are still technically a volunteer organization of Ukrainian, they are known ultra nationalists' para militarists operatives, who while claiming NOT to be fascists are extremely right wing, despise Jews, are holocaust deniers and claim Putin is a covert Israeli puppet ruler.
They are armed to the teeth and spread the same story of pig fat smeared bullets being used by their veteran members fighting on the Russian side during the Second Chechen War.
There is NO moral high ground in this story.
They are not good people, but war as always makes strange bedfellows, recall Churchill's remark after he and Roosevelt were criticized for making a triple alliance with Stalin and the Soviets
"If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference of the Devil in the House of Commons."

When you escaped the clutches of Idi Amin did you have to endure the likes of this? -


@FrayedBear STILL LYING. You make Pinicchio seem a paragon of truth.
Just for starters, the person who was shot was me was an African! I was unarmed, but wrested the gun from him even though I had a bullet hole in me. Even then, I did not shoot him.
You are a Russian stooge, no more, no less.
Incidentally, when I escaped from Amin's Uganda it was because I had been indulging in activities that were against his brutal rule. Even then, although my life was in danger, I helped a Ugandan also to escape, having forged him a border pass. I then handed him over to the UNHCR in Nairobi BEFORE considering my own safety, despite knowing that Amin's secret police had agents in Kenya.
And before you even suggest it, I never made any money from my humanitarian actions. They actually cost me money.

@Petter I could of course turn your accusation around & ask how much did the CIA pay you in your African days & are you still on the payroll or just superannuated CIA?

@FrayedBear How dim witted are you?
Only a true dim wit would make such stupid replies and accusations.

@Petter And there you have it Petter, you snswer yourself "Only a true dim wit would make such stupid replies and accusations."
Incidentally what is the difference between a"dim wit" & a "true dim wit"?

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