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LINK The Economy Is Good, Yet Many Think We’re in a Recession

(I think it is because Fox News and right wing talk radio are making up tales of gloom and doom because a democrat is currently president.)

The bad news on the U.S. economy is we’re seeing the highest levels of price inflation in 40 years or so. The silver lining is the economy is growing at a steady clip (7 percent on an annual basis in the last quarter of 2021) and unemployment is low (4 percent in January). As the U.S. Department of Labor boastfully but accurately put it in commentary on the January jobs report:

The new data shows that the economy added a record 6.6 million jobs since President Biden took office and an average of 541,000 new jobs per month over the last three months. With labor force participation up over the year and long-term unemployment continuing to decline, America is getting back to work.
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Americans, the best informed nation ever, seem to have lots of ignorant misconceptions. Just another bunch of dipshits who think we're great.

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