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POLL GOP leader calls for Tina Peters to suspend campaign after indictment - Axios Denver

The leader of the Colorado GOP is asking one of the party's candidates to abandon her 2022 statewide campaign.

Driving the news: Colorado Republican Party chairperson Kristi Burton Brown and other party leaders issued a statement Wednesday calling on secretary of state candidate Tina Peters to suspend her campaign for secretary of state after being indicted by a grand jury on 10 criminal charges related to election tampering.

Would hte GOP do the samne thing if the candidate were a man?

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snytiger6 9 Mar 10

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It’s business; the party is only concerned with electability.


Res ipsa


More to the point, would they do the same if it were Trump?

No. They give Trump a pass on everything from racism, raping an under age girl and tax evasion.


They would do so for any Democrat. It's strict Party hatred as strategy.

Democrats pretty much consistently call for corrupt members to step down, while usually, for men at least, republicans fall in line behind their guy to support him.

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