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Catholic Class

Still finishing the last leg of secondary education, and I'm stuck at a Catholic school, uniform and everything. I have religion class everyday and have become rather unpopular. Not matter the reason and logic I try to use in spurring honest, thought provoking discussions I'm met with hostility, even from my friends. Is it worth it to continue trying to start discussions and encourage critical thought in my classmates, or just keep quiet and not waste the energy? I've only got till June left of this BS anyway. Opinions?

Catnublia 6 Apr 24

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Just keep the peace until you’re able to move on and broaden your horizon with new people. Religious people tend to be the same as political people. No matter how thought out your response, no matter what facts you have on your side, you aren’t going to change other people’s minds.

However, the way I discovered to keep friends and believe what I want is to just avoid the topic all together. I know you have a class specifically about religion, but just keep your head down until it’s over. June isn’t that far away. You’re in a rather difficult place because you’re in a catholic school. Which means thinking the way you do is not only against the social norms, it’s against the majority of the population at your school.

Hang in there. Don’t give up. Just do what you have to do to get by. And if you’re ever forced to memorize a verse of your choice, always go with: John 11:35 ? I’ll let you look it up and see why.

They've asked me why I'm even there, there are public schools available in my area I could have gone to. Is it unreasonableof me to be a bit hurt by that questions, like the teachers don't want me there At the time of choosing high schools to attend my parents (who aren't religious) felt my current school was the best option because they had more resources and better curriculum than the public schools. I won't lie it's felt rather solitary the past 4 years, except for my sister and a few friends I can tell I'm on 'the wrong side. I wouldn't say I'm bulked, far from it. Just don't feel like I fit in too well.

@Catnublia As someone who has never fit in, it’s still possible to make friends. In fact, I was the first “goth” kid when I was in junior high. And I was so far away from what was the norm, it was definitely very isolating. But I started taking care of the other outsiders. The geeks, the nerds, or anyone who wasn’t from a wealthy family or a jock. And I started building a circle of friends.

It’s ok to be an outlier. In a few months, none of that will matter. Those asshole teachers won’t matter. What people say about you simply won't matter. Most of the teachers pandered to the parents of the prep kids and looked down on all the other students. I was unique in the fact that I was so against the grain, but I was smarter than the students the teachers doted on.

A private school, like what you’re in, looks great on transcripts and applications. Your parents made the right choice by giving you your best chance, even though the road is difficult. In just a few weeks, it’ll all be over with. You’ve already made it this far. Just hang in there. And if you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. Or there is a great community here with people to talk to.

Whatever you enjoy, whether it’s anime, witchcraft, coin collecting, chopping heads off of dolls...There is a community out there that enjoys the same things. Don’t let school be your only social circle. With the internet, the whole world is at your fingertips.


Eventually you will learn what fight to pick and what to just tag along....... Live and let die


You're the only person who knows the answer to that question.
Is it worth it to you?

skado Level 8 Apr 24, 2018

Don't waste your energy. It won't matter. Finish your time and move on. Find some friends with open minds and see the world.


let it lay. if you've planted seeds of doubt, that is all you could do anyway. do the time. college plans?

Hoping to study astrophysics and space sciences, and travel the world in between. I need a broader sphere than just the comfortable small town I've grown up in

@Catnublia I expect you're going to be amazed by how big and how small it really is. the old college advisor in me wants to tell you to take a good look around. I know you think you have, but this is your last chance to kind of see it this way, for better or worse.


Catherine, finish up yer education, get to uni and start a new life. You'll make new friends and a new life. Be brave x


The uniform is the only thing they got right. ?


That can't be easy. I have found that asking questions, especially why questions can lead down more constructive paths than arguing. If they see you as questioning rather than opposition, conversation can often be far more civil. Especially if you have leading questions.

Also, one thing I've found to be very helpful in these kinds of conversations is considering their view. For a really well explained explanation, I suggest this video:

You're so close. It sucks now, but you have a couple months left and then you don't have to worry about it ever again.


Not long after first semester exams a group of us were sitting in the library during study hall discussing religion. I said that christ probably wasn't real and no different than any other mythological "god". One of the students called over a friar and told him what I said.

He asked me if that was true and if I really believed that and I said, "Yes. I don't believe that Jesus was real.". He then asked me if I was renouncing my belief in the lord and I said, "I guess that I am."

It was such a dual moment of self revelation and relief.

On the brighter side, for the remainder of my senior year, all of the friars referred to me as "that pagan".

Keep the faith in yourself and you will be fine. Good luck!

"That pagan", I laughed a little too hard at that ?
I had a similar moment when I made the decision not to get confirmed. It was the first big choice I made myself in regards to religion, and my teachers and the priests tried so hard to convince me otherwise

Confirmation, for me, was a joke. Religion class in my grade school was an annual retelling of the prodigal son, the good samaritan, the Lazarus story, et al. It was as much a formality as the May procession and the stations of the cross. The funny thing is that I still sometimes use my confirmation name, Andrew, in my signature because I'm used to signing it that way. Plus it adds a nice ring to my name when I am being corrected by my lady folk 😉

Recently someone here brought up Saint Blaize. i had completely forgotten about the laying of the candles to prevent sore throats Lol.

Maybe we should create a group for "recovering" catholics. I'm sure that there's plenty of ridiculousness to discuss.


Introduce logic and reason to conversations that don't involve religion and let your friends learn through experience. Choose topics that create the least conflict, when you get the chance, RUN.

Already got an escape route


Glad to hear your not a Cadaver Catholic. Is your institution coed? Both Nuns and Priests or what. Keep your thoughts strong and don't do anything foolish except get ready for a better time in College. When I say foolish I mean don't put yourself in situations to prove your feelings. You don't have to tell anyone or let anyone else want to prey you into proving how ready you are to make a statement. I'm talking tatoos or crazy hair, piercings. Keep it natural and silent amid those who say one thing and then do another or join the other. College holds much to learn and it will clear up many misconceptions but you have to investigate and study.

In Canada there are two school boards funded by the government, a public school board and a Catholic. I'm not taught by nuns and priests but by qualified teachers who chose to teach in their religion. It's not super conservative at my school, we have a gay straight alliance and what not, lots of kids have tattoos (me included) and teachers don't say anything even if they disapprove. However my complete dismissal of religion and clear opposition (which I do as respectfully as possible) has rubbed the wrong way.

@Catnublia I had to attend a Catholic HS long ago and the Valedictorian of my Class went and became a Nun. Very sadly to say that she was confined to a Mental Institution because she thought she was the Virgin Mary and eventually died at a very young age. Rebellion takes many different characteristics among those being to disfigure or amend your body in ways that can never be altered which is why I bring this out. It is not just religion alone that can do this but many other things which at the time look suggestive, but are things that you will later on make you wonder "What the Hell was I thinking" I have been thru a lot of turmoil in my life and have seen this first hand where many of my friends fell prey to drugs, alcohol abuse and ended up either dead or incarcerated for something that could have been avoided had they just sat back and 'Imagined' or 'Let it Be' which are songs that at a moment of thought led to others. I also found that continuing your education should be the cure all for your feeling of being shuttered and alienated for being truthful and open. If your going thru Hell just keep going.


Smile sweetly, diploma in hand and move on ?


I would only bother continuing with the conversation if I saw some form of thought or reasoning from the other party. If you're only getting a strong negative push back, these may not be the type of people to try and have a reasonable debate with.
Just my two cents.


keep plugging away. as they get older some of what you say now may resonate


you need to graduate. don’t make waves.


Illegitimi non Corborundum - Don't let the Bastards Wear You Down


I feel your pain.


Forgive the biblical allusion but you're in the lion's den. It could be worse though. RCs accept old Earth origins and descent of man through evolution. Two things that hold them back are transubstantiation and exorcism. If you don't consider these acceptable foibles then you have to question your being there in the first place. But if you can focus on the common ground you share with your RC peers I think they'll remember you in a better light after you graduate. Then, if you are intent, would be a better time to prosthelytize.


In a few months you'll be in college; it's a lot easier to have the discussions you desire there.

I wonder if you could start discussions (as you say), but do them in such a way that you are more initiating and moderating, so as to let your friends/classmates argue the sides. This could get the critical thoughts going without you having to be in the line of fire.

Hopefully, but I've got several more months of working in retail and religion class till then


Hang in there. You will free of the dogma soon.


I rarely pushed the issue in that identical situation and came through it a stronger person having witnessed the delusion of Belief...hang in there.

R1LEY Level 2 Apr 28, 2018

Religion has spoken to a hushed audititorium for eons with a mic, even now they hold sway in society.
As a non believer you also have a right to exist and not believe.

I suggest you try a different tack with your classmates.
Try SE


Best to continue asking them questions about what they based their beliefs on, who.knows if there might be a few closet free thinkers there?


Makes sense that you would be receiving this kind of unwanted attention from those at your school since they're in a...well, religious school! Did your parents place you in there or something? Are your "friends" in the school with you? If so, that would make sense too...I don't know many "non-believers" who attend specific "believer" schools. 😛 I wouldn't waste my time trying to discuss things with people who clearly think differently than you do. Just do your time and get out when your parole date arrives. 😛

My parents aren't religious, nor did they 'force' me into that school. But due to the fact it was better funded and had better curriculum than any public school in the area they made it VERY clear they would prefer I attended the school and ignored the religious part like most non religious kids there do. I was still a kid at the time to I did as my parents asked, and at this point where I'm old enough to transfer myself to a different school, I've got 2 months tille June what's the point?


You're in high school?

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