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It is so cold and windy here today. We did not get the snowstorm everybody warned about, at least not here in my little corner of Wayne County. Hella, Queen of Darkness, my beautiful Maine Coon cat left last night when the dog was annoying her. She came back today. I was so worried last night and this morning, but she appeared in the middle of the kitchen floor. I realized that my pets have a big influence on my well-being, more than any husband ever did. The day got better. I did not need a cane to walk, finished my tasks and tried to be in a good mood.
One of my FB friends ( same last name, from the same northern part of Germany, send me a message. He was concerned that I had only had beer and chips the night before, so I had to ensure him that all was fine with me; I had been in too much pain to stand at the stove to cook. What a sweetheart he is. He writes to me in our dialect, Ostfriesisch, difficult for me now that my father is not around anymore, but never mind. I let him know not to worry. Please tell me that you have those friends as well, or am I the only one total stranger worry about?
So tonight I am hoping for a calm evening, no phone calls with the usual drama and cats all over my bed. You know I like all of you, not just because of our similar tastefor music but also because you seem to see the world as I do.
Be4 well. Friends!

Spinliesel 9 Mar 12

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Funny how Global warming works

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