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Do you think she will be held accountable?

Debbie Meadows filed three false voter forms while hubby Mark was ranting about fraud

"Debra Meadows was a busy bee in 2020. According to the North Carolina Board of Elections, on Oct. 26, Debbie showed up at the Macon County community building in Franklin, North Carolina, and filled out a one-stop voter application for early voting in the 2020 presidential election. She claimed she lived in Scaly Mountain in a 14-foot by 62-foot mobile home. The problem was … she didn’t."

"According to North Carolina state law, in order to vote in that state, you must reside in the claimed address for at least 30 days prior to the election. Again, she didn't. Debbie must not have read the top of the voter form either, which clearly states: 'fraudulently or falsely completing this form is a Class I felony under Chapter 163 of the NC general statutes.'"

"Debbie additionally dropped off an absentee ballot for her hubby Mark Meadows, who was then the White House chief of staff for failed President Donald Trump."


nogod4me 8 Mar 24

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Toss'em in the slam for 20 long each..

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