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LINK Eric Zemmour, French far-right Jewish presidential candidate, sued for Holocaust denial : NPR

Six LGBTQ advocacy groups are suing French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, saying his embrace of a claim that homosexuals weren't arrested and deported during the Nazis' occupation of France during World War II amounts to Holocaust denial.

It's the first time such a lawsuit has been filed against someone for alleging that French homosexuals weren't deported during the war, according to attorney Etienne Deshoulières, whose law firm filed the suit on behalf of six organizations: Inter-LGBT, SOS Homophobie, Stop Homophobie, Adheos, Quazar and Mousse.

(Allied troops found homosexuals in the concentration camps, but kept them in prisons, because at the time gay sex was illegal. So, the homosexuals, unlike the Jews, were never released when the war was won. Ironically, it was the efforts of a homosexual, Alan Turing, who designed the first practical computer in order to break the Nazi Enigma code, that enabled England to hold out until the U.S. joined the war and turned helped turn the tide.)

snytiger6 9 Mar 29

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