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These cops must have the smallest dicks, they are always trying to matter and they fail miserably.

# 'BLK MALE IN THE AREA JUST DOING ME NEEDS CHECKED': Off-duty cop aims gun at news delivery man

A former Michigan police officer was allowed to hold onto employment with the city of DeWitt after stopping a Black newspaper delivery man while off duty, following him, and pulling a gun on 19-year-old Alexander Hamilton. Chad Vorce was arraigned last Thursday and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, firearm possession, and misconduct in office, all felonies, according to the office of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. Vorce faces up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000 for the misconduct charge alone.

But the city he works for, DeWitt, which is about 100 miles west of Detroit, was not able to terminate the officer, and local prosecutors in Clinton County failed to charge him with a crime, according to Fox 47. The state attorney general was instead asked to review the case in January and charged the veteran city employee.

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nogod4me 7 Apr 18

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Police unions.


Far too many people who carry a gun in public seem to think that doing so entitles them to extra rights and the freedom to be assholes. Being a cop seems to have a very similar affect on some people. And it seems DeWitt is correct in believing that he has extra rights and freedoms because he broke multiple laws and got away with it with zero consequences. He probably could have shot the delivery man dead and the outcome for DeWitt would probably have been the same.


Yup..White Murikkka at it best..

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