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Oddly enough, the 'talking heads' from our public health agencies never once advocated for proper nutrition and heath protocols in their important role in disease prevention.

BDair 8 Apr 20

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Vitamin-D and Immune Function

BDair Level 8 Apr 20, 2022

They are not into the health business, it not profitable if one is, to them. All the medicine one needs is in nature.


Because they have been advocating that for so long it is a given.

Really, when and where? Throughout the 'pandemic', you never heard Fauci et al mention the proven role of Vitamin D in disease prevention.


  1. The Food Pyramid, since decades...
  2. Too much D will kill you, is a fat-soluble vitamin & easily stored to excess.

The Food Pyramid is literally wrong. Show me one documented case of Vitamin D toxicity killing someone. Since the dosage is linked to your BMI, you are unlikely to ever suffer an overdose.

@BDair If there was not a long term advocacy for healthy food, and its benefits, where did you or the meme creator even get the photos from ?

Show me when or where Fauci, the CDC, NIH, or any other public agencies advocated nutrition and vitamin supplementation for the prevention and treatment of Covid 19.

@BDair Like I say they did not need to, that is what "a given" means.

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