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LINK Fox’s Kennedy suggests getting rid of public schools amid school prayer fight | The Hill

A host on Fox News on Monday during a discussion on a school prayer case before the Supreme Court suggested local governments across the country should consider doing away with public schools, saying “maybe we should not have the government involved in education at all.”

snytiger6 9 Apr 26

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Is this the same Kennedy who use to host on MTV? The fuck do they think anyone cares about her opinion?


All of this is just the opinions of greedy government employees living off the hard work of taxpayers. I, as a Priest, say screw all these attempts to parce out something that remains ineffective at stopping what "Coach" Kennedy is successfully doing. Has done (at great harm to students and community). Let's hit the bastards with full fledged rallys and speeches from any stage in America tearing down the foundations of dogmatic religion. We must be consistent about this so any religious jewelry, head-wear, outfit, or any other article will be forbidden from any publicly owned place. Let's demonstrate that 45 isn't the only one who can hold Rally's and rile up people's blood. People who hate dogmatic religion as much as I do. We will also make some noise.


VA's moms would have a tough time with this line of thought. Keep those pesky kids in school, so moms can do fun things like shop and Starbucks, or further indoctrinate them to god. Tough choice.


The broad says the first thing that pops into that void between the ears and hopes people buy it.


kind of a leap to make from school prayer to govt shouldn't be involved in education at all. Sounds to me like she's desperately seeking an audience by being provocative.

It's all about the OUTRAGE !!!!

OUTRAGE!!! sells

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