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How will the Democratic Party handle the challenges of the oncoming November midterms? Do they even have a clue?

[] Against the Trumpian GOP Onslaught – The Dems are Like Deer in the Headlights

Ralph Nader writes: ... "the national Democratic Party bureaucrats are inept or bewildered. With its record-setting campaign fundraising, the Party can’t seem to figure out how to go on the offensive against the overtly lying, cruel, corrupt, law-breaking, Wall Street over Main Street, Trumpian Republican Party."

AnonySchmoose 8 Apr 29

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This thread gives me an opening to chime in about the two-party system, which has shown to be a severe limitation. The newer European democracies parties have demonstrated that a parliamentary system with multiple parties have far fewer people who are disenfranchised from representation like the U.S. Under our creaky old system of democracy, MANY people have nobody and no party they want to vote for.

I agree that ideally a multi-party system could represent the people much better than what the US has. Unfortunately, the 2-party system seems engineered to control the uninformed, uneducated, unsophisticated US masses. Give them an either/or scenario, and politicians under the power of Wall Street can do anything they wish to do, and forget about constituents. I think that is why so many politicians become demagogues whether they are Repubs or Dems. And our 2-party system seems on the verge of civil war lately.


Karol, having read your bio, I think the Dems and you have different clues.

I too am progressive and I always vote Dem. For decades I haven’t donated to the Dems because the donation form has not had a Progressive box I could check. I now write on the forms that I donate to Dems via Church/State Separation organizations, which I do.

What say you to employee-owned business? It’s usually done with employee stock ownership plans. The US has long had many thousands of such companies, some of them very large.

In the 1970s, when I became politically hyper-active, Harvard Business Review said employee-owned companies are kinder to the environment and experience less employee theft. “Social democcracy” is ambiguous.

I think Mondragon Corporation in Spain, the world's largest worker cooperative, is quite similar to employee-owned businesses. I think many of those in the US are modeled upon Mondragon. And yes, I think the term social democracy can be construed as ambiguous.


The top of the party has never been smart. I am looking forward to seeing if the repubs will just Implode and fall away.

Repubs only briefly implode, then get more authoritarian.
They are able to attract followers by getting more radical.
When Repubs get psycho, Dems respond with PC optics, instead of choosing powerful messages to oppose Repubs.

@AnonySchmoose Then we need another group of people to vote for, with enough thought to persuade a greater number of the populace.

Who would be a good to run for office?


I think these things are being said and demonstrated. After the Hearings will be a better time for offense. It will take the campaign into being about The Big Lie. I was going to vote for Ralph until damn near election day but he's sometimes a worry-wart.

Interesting. I hope you're correct about the strategy.
That would be super good.

@AnonySchmoose Me, too.


Ain't that the truth..seems the Dems will pull a loss from the mouth of victory..again. It's time to end, Not only the Oligrachy, but the Gerentocracy that leads the Dem Party.

The Dems have a poorly-focused and wishy-washy agenda.
Voters think the worst will happen, so why vote?


the difficulty may be having too many clues.

The clues have accumulated over the years without
the Dem Party doing enough about them.
For example, did they scream about gerrymandering
and racism ... Nooooo! Not so much. 🙄🙄🙄


@AnonySchmoose We actually came out pretty good with the new Districts, I'm told, and racism is being handled. Five Proud Boys have been convicted with racism fully implicated. The FBI and DoJ seem to be targeting that issue and they are the correct channels for it.

Glad to hear that positive news.
That positive news doesn't seem to get into the news as much.


WHEN did Ralph Nader write that? (The statement is on-target, but I'm curious when he write it.)

Copyright 2022.
I got this article from an email.
Here is what was at the end of the article.

"Copyright © 2022 Nader.Org, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted in at our website."

Sorry, I forgot to give the article's link.
Against the Trumpian GOP Onslaught –
The Dems are Like Deer in the Headlights

@AnonySchmoose Thank you.


The Dems don’t have a constant message. I find this very frustrating

It really irks me too. They seem reluctant to stand up, proclaim, and defend their views. That makes millions wonder if they really believe in what they say. That is one reason that the younger generation does not support Biden as much now.


As long as the corrupt DNC is picking the candidates. They are lost...

No, they don't have a clue..

Got to agree with you on that.
The party tries too hard to be optically, politically correct.
That won't reach the average American or young Democrats.
They've been clueless for quite some time.


Every year I keep hoping they've got sense enough to spend their money on the races where they have a chance. Most years I'm disappointed.

It appears Americans need to be angry and fearful to really get out and vote. That means Republicans will have a lot better chance getting out their voters. We immediately relax when we win a little. They never ever relax.

The Dem Party definitely needs to rebrand their message to reach the average American. Being forceful like the Repubs is the only thing that will work this year. I agree the voters need to get angry to vote in big numbers.

An NPR article says analysis by election focus groups characterize Republicans as "crazy" and Democrats as "preachy." Democrats need to stop being so politically correct but instead need to fend off attacks from the "rule or ruin party" and invite all voters to join them, warts and all. []

As you wrote, voter turnout is vital too. Here's another article about how the special elections might predict which party will dominate the midterms. []

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