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"The US and Russia, faded relics of the Cold War, unable to accept their terminal decline, launch futile and self-defeating wars to reclaim their lost imperial power." More human stupidity *.

"Humiliation in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at home by Trump, demoralised the exporters of democracy and capitalism. But Putin’s atrocities in Ukraine have now given them an opportunity to make America seem great again. The Russian bear has long guaranteed, more reliably than ‘Islamofascism’ or China, income, and identity to many in the military-industrial and intellectual-industrial complex. An aging centrist establishment – battered by the far right, harangued by post-Occupy and post-BLM young leftists, frustrated by legislative stalemate in Washington – seems suddenly galvanised by the prospect of defining themselves through a new cold war."

"This world of fantasy is sustained by myths – the myth that the people of Afghanistan and Iraq would welcome us as liberators, that Ukraine is not a real nation, that Ukrainians see themselves as pan-Russians, that all that stands between Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Somalis, Yemenis and Libyans and ourselves are terrorists, that all that stands between Putin and Ukrainians are neo-Nazis and their supporters in the West."

"Those that challenge these fantasies, whether in Russia or the US, are attacked, marginalized, and censored."
"Few notice. The dream is more appealing than reality. Step-by-step these blinded, bloodied cyclops of war stumble forward leaving mounds of corpses in their wake." Chris Hedges 02 May 2022


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These are Cipolla's five fundamental laws of stupidity:

  1. Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.
  2. The probability that a certain person (will) be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.
  3. A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.
  4. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.
  5. A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.

Corollary: a stupid person is more dangerous than a pillager.

FrayedBear 9 May 4

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Millennial's shit me to tears usually, but I would love to see all those over 60 leave politics ie forced retirement and let them take over. This empire posturing is so 20th century. This is the century of technology which us old bastards don't get, rather we chase our dreams of old.
Vote young blood into politics.

puff Level 7 May 5, 2022

Can you find sufficient who are not pot head meth coke snorters?

IMO No point one set of deluded nutters for another!

@FrayedBear There's a few good, articulate ones around.
Ed Seriously, less likely to be compromised by the "system" if haven't been there that long.

@puff No just crap Australian teachers.

@FrayedBear Unfair. Crap education system where "everyone's a winner"

@puff it's the teachers who decide what is taught.

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