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Is this how the world should look at supporting Ukraine to attain peace in Europe?

I discussed this amongst close friends. They are very polarised.

How much do you agree with this statement?

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FrankTjia 3 May 12

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Not enough information and selections. How about if we agree with the statement?


Ummmm, what?

Can't help but notice It's been over a week & no response at all from the OP......should we assume they died?


I’m afraid I’m baffled with your post…because you seem to set out asking us a question, but it’s a question we can’t answer because you omit to say what it is you are actually asking!


You use the pronoun "this" with no reference point to what the noun or noun phrase to which you are alluding. How can someone be for or against an unknown?


It's a question not a statement.

I’m confused about what it is.

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