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Science-based support for people suffering from longterm Covid-19 vaccine effects
React19 is a science-based non-profit offering financial, physical, and emotional support for those suffering from longterm Covid-19 vaccine adverse events globally. Our mission is to bring healing to the moms, dads, friends, and loved ones who are facing life-altering side effects from their Covid-19 vaccine. We build bridges between patients and research institutions in order to develop a better understanding of our vaccine complications. []

BDair 8 May 12

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It's insane on what is going on in China. They are starving out the people in order to have zero Covid cases. I think the whole thing is about crowd control, not about health at all


Those affected with longterm effects from their Covid19 vaccination have shown medical symptoms including autoimmune issues, inflammation, POTS, MCAS, myocarditis, neuropathy, stomach (gastrointestinal) issues, clotting, neurological, eye issues, and mental health issues as well.

BDair Level 8 May 12, 2022
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