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LINK Republican governor proudly signs multiple hateful bills into law following Uvalde shooting

As the nation mourns 21 lives lost to senseless gun violence, the Republican governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, made sure to sign the latest anti-trans bill into law. On Wednesday, Stitt signed a bill requiring public and charter school students to use bathrooms that align with their sex as listed on their birth certificates. In short, this is an effort to ban trans youth from accessing the correct bathroom and instead force them to either “out” themselves by using the one assigned at birth or to delay their bodily functions until school is over. Because young people don’t have enough to worry about.

The law applies to all students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The measure dictates that if trans youth refuse to use the bathroom aligning with their sex assigned at birth (and who are unable to hold it all day) must use a “single-occupancy” bathroom instead. It goes into effect immediately, per CNN.

snytiger6 9 May 27

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