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Yesterday I started a blog about fakers and scammers. I intended it to be short but wound up writing five pages. It's incredible how many they are and the tactics they use? I think I've heard from most of them. 🙁

How damn hard is it to find a legitimate person who wants to be friends? Not hung up on gender or age so much, though I tend to get along better with woman. Everytime I've messaged or been messaged by a man they were gay. 😏 Go figure.

I think I'm going to make a cardboard sign, "Wanted, real friend!" I'll stand on a street corner. I would put "atheist perferred" but in this town I'd probably be shot. What you think?

TedGresham997 5 June 2

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One common practice is to say we can overcome obstacles from the start before you know each other and very attractive

bobwjr Level 10 June 3, 2022

I found it got harder and harder as the years went by, plus I stopped being friends with a few people in the last few years. I'm down to a few that have moved to other cities, even to other countries, a GF and just two neighbours that are my friends. My best friend is a female. Good luck.


Why are you looking for "friends" on the internet? It's much better in real life.

Yesterday I made a friend while on a 5-mile fast walk with my friend Kathy. We complimented a woman's flowers and she gave us a backyard tour. Jane was great: friendly, warm, funny and personable. We talked and laughed for a half hour. She invited me to stop by anytime for an Arnold Palmer drink.

"What's an Arnold Palmer?" I asked. "Iced tea with lemonade." Sounds good.

If there was any place to find someone local I sure would try. I am entirely separated from this town except for living here. This is the most religious town there can be. I wouldn't even know where to start here. So, here I am.

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