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Florida teens break in to $8M home for wild party, post about it on social media

Can you imagine getting your dream home — only for it to be overrun with a bunch of a-hole teenagers who broke in, tried on your clothes and jewelry, held boxing matches in the foyer, ate your food, and stole your stuff?

The fact that police have to repeatedly explain why it’s wrong what these teens did speaks volumes to the lack of parenting going on.


Apunzelle 7 June 21

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It's the new Trump system of social values.


What astounds me is not that they did it but that they were so stupid as to post pix of them doing it.........


An elderly man used to tell me in my high school days about kids in the neighborhood.... "See these kids and know their parents".


I can't imagine having an $8 million home. First World Problems.

barjoe Level 9 June 21, 2022

It’s over the top that the house was worth $8M. But what these kids did is as bad as if it were a modest $300,000 house.

@Apunzelle I don't think it's equivalent. I also didn't know that a $300K house is particularly modest. I kind of like that these kids stuck it to the man. #EatTheRich

@barjoe Sadly, if you’ve seen real estate prices lately, especially in certain parts of the country, $300,000 buys exactly a modest house.

@Apunzelle I know. I have 900 square foot rowhome I can get $350K. $8 million people. Fuck em.


Fortunately, my little flat has no appeal whatsoever to attract any revelers and other barbarians.

Matias Level 8 June 21, 2022
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