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So, when the US Constitution generally protects (or 'protected' more correctly) a pregnant woman's liberty to choose to have an abortion, her liberty isn't as important as the liberty to own a gun? I'm sorry that America seems so damaged, troubled and regressive.

Ryo1 8 June 24

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Welcome to the evil of the Christian Taliban in the United $tates of Absurdity.

I assumed SCOTUS was independent and impartial like the UK Spureme Court or Australian Spureme Court, but apparently not so. It consists of six Catholics, two Protestants, and one Jew. With religious bias together with political bias (because the judges are nominated directly by the Republican Party and the Democratic Party), they can't possibly implement democracy, can they? It sounds bizarre if I'm honest.

I was reading this article regarding SCOTUS:
The Religion of the Supreme Court Justices[]

@Ryo1 Yes. The separation of Church and State is now laid bare for the fiction that it is. The entire SCOTUS is beholden to the Abrahamic god, and it shows. To misuse a well-worn phrase, "God help America! (because the Americans themselves sure as fuck will not help themselves.)"


Please let us know how many countries you know of that do not have abortion regulations.

Last, any State that cares to can legalize abortion.

Never mind other countries having regulations on abortion. In your country, the outright ban of abortion is encouraged - not restrictions, not regulations - outright BAN.
Fortunately, abortion is still legal in some states.

I was reading this article: []

The US Supreme Court’s decision Friday to overturn the landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade is expected to ban or restrict the procedure for over 40 million women across at least 26 states.

While the high court’s decision to uphold the Mississippi law challenging Roe does not outlaw abortion, it does hand regulatory power to state governments — the majority of which have indicated their intention to make it illegal to terminate a pregnancy.

Three states — Kentucky, Louisiana and South Dakota — had so-called “trigger laws” which kicked in automatically upon Roe’s reversal, banning the procedure immediately in almost all circumstances.

But Missouri became the first state to act Friday following the decision, with its Attorney General filing paperwork “effectively ending abortion in Missouri.”


@Ryo1 I have no time for the Mental Defective from Mars.

@anglophone You have no time for facts. Go play with your marsupials.

@anglophone, @Ryo1 You say "never mind". You say that because it is way beyond your understanding of American law to analyize what is going on in the USA. You have proved ignorance of our laws many times.

@Alienbeing Then tell us how many countries you know of that do not have abortion regulations.
Prove your ignorance of other countries' laws. This is a silly argument, mate.

@Ryo1 You are very enthused with yourself. The FACT is VIRTUALLY ALL countries have laws dealing with abortion. Some forbid, most regulate it. So THE POINT that went over your head is the US laws are actually quite liberal when compared to other countries. Therfore you should know your subject before belching out judgement.

Not a silly argument at all "mate".

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