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What a depressing day in the US. I feel like we are going back to the 1950s. Women and blacks and gays as second class citizens. I no longer view this country as part of the first world countries. We are fading fast. Just a banana republic with a big army.

Bigwavedave 8 June 24

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I honestly am looking to move out of the US. After years of this BS, I’m done. There’s no coming back from this. It’s going downhill quick and I need peace after these years with complete chaos! Women don’t even care, it’s insane. I’m tired of the religious BS and combine that with the screwy MAGA crowd im done!


The Christian Evangelicals must be wetting themselves with joy. They have packed the Supreme Court. They have denied the right of women to have jurisdiction over their own bodies. Welcome to the Christian United $tates of Absurdity.


I think that the US has depth. And also the every action has an opposite, and sometimes more than equal, reaction.

I would hope for the right-wing Christian evangelicals to be emasculated in short order.


Your ability to greatly over generalize is very good.

@alienbeing. Well it's my effing post. Piss off

@Bigwavedave Bite me, and your post is yours and it stinks.

@Bigwavedave I have no time for the Madman from Mars.


Welcome to 1920. We can and must change things in November.

We can only hope. The thought of the United $tates of the Christian Taliban is terrifying.

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