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Aside from the back alley abortions, there's this.....

JonnaBononna 7 June 26

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There is no point in asking the SCOTUS assholes if they can sleep at night. This is because the said assholes are devoid of conscience.


And for those not affected by incest & rape I hope you receive effective family planning. If not just keep your thighs closed & don't rely or believe in religious propoganda.



bobwjr Level 10 June 26, 2022

Yes, I can tell you that is how it would have been for me, 40/50 years ago, had I not been able to seek assistance from Planned Parenthood. Hopefully there will be a better network of protection for young women nowadays, who find themselves survivors of incest, rape and simply unwanted intimacy that results in an unexpected pregnancy.

I know there are lots of ladies my age who would step in to help a young woman in trouble like that. There was no help for some of us 40/50 years ago. Thank goodness there was a safe and legal option that ended up sparing our lives or beatings for us. Now, who knows. Very sad to go so far backward.

Nobody wants an abortion, but when it comes to well being of the woman, due to certain physical abuse or possibly murder or suicide if the pregnancy became known, the choice is clear. These lawmakers simply do not know the secrets many of us will take to our graves.

Do you know the percentage outvof the total affected as you suggest?

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