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The cognitive and emotional defectives, a.k.a. the Rethuglican Party, in the U$A are currently busy putting the boot into normal people. I wonder how those defectives will feel when the roles are reversed.

anglophone 8 June 28

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Wait until the people realize that they don't have to participate in their own enslavement, no country can stand when the people who keep the game going decide not to participate, or better yet, throw sticks in the spokes.

We saw how easy it was when one man decided not to transfer power peaceably.

Imagine what will happen when people realize they are not represented and get the courage to burn it all down.


anglophone lives in Australia, and thus can only make decisions on what he reads in the media. Those of us who actually live in the US know the media usually presents slanted news (both Right and Left) depending on the management's political philosophy. News here is not only slanted, but depending on the news source important news is frequently omitted.

Unaware of his handicap, anglophone rants on.

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