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Frequent cougar visits have Lake Chelan, WA homeowner on edge.

Zita Bernath says as many four cougars are becoming too-frequent visitors to her property off Lake Chelan’s South Lakeshore Drive and she’d like to see them relocated.

The state says that isn’t likely to happen.

Bernath said security cameras at her home near the Sunny Bank development are capturing images of the cougars day and night and they are also being spotted by neighbors.

LOVE this response:

"Staci Lehman with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife said Bernath’s housing development is on the edge of a wooded area that is cougar habitat. Lehman said the big cats are likely passing through the area to a water source.

"She said relocating wild animals is becoming less and less of an option.

“We are literally running out of places to relocate animals to,” Lehman said. “If you drop a cougar into a new area, they are most likely going to have confrontations with cougars already in the area and often don’t survive.”


LiterateHiker 9 June 28

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"Running out of places for animals," gee do ya think it might be because of humans taking over those places?



@LiterateHiker This issue is one the world seems to have forgotten about. I don't believe in government conspiracies but do believe in business conspiracies and 20 years ago businesses decided to push the adage of an economy based on constant growth. Look up overpopulation and the first things that come up say it is a myth (reality and myths are mutually exclusive).
I am a member of 'Free Inquiry' and, of late there has been a lot of information on this subject, including several letters of mine. A frequent commentator is Dr Karen Shragg. []


OH! Here kitty kitty - this is what happens when humans move into these big cat's territory. Of course when one of these cats attack and kill a human it will be shot. That makes me angry.
I'm also wondering if some of her neighbors are feeding other wildlife, like deer. Deer being to top choice for cougar al fresco dining.

Maybe they will become human predators needed in order to keep our numbers in balance.


Oh oh

bobwjr Level 10 June 29, 2022

"Frequent Cougar visits"...?...Have you been stalking guys again? 😂


On an early morning walk in our canyon in SoCal, we saw a really big cat up the road. After a short time, we realized it was a cougar, so cut our walk short. Fortunately, that was the only time we ever saw one. Deer, possums, and raccoons were nearly daily sights, however, and coyotes could often be heard at night singing their songs when the caught prey…occasionally, you’d see one walking down the middle of the road. The possums would bring the babies on their backs to dine on the outdoor cat’s food (cat came with the house, two of the four of us were allergic). Near our old house up the mountain, the bears came around on trash night until California Fish and Wildlife decided to relocate them much further away from developed property. I believe both cases occurred because of drought, which not only limited water sources, but cut down on other resources at higher elevations.


Does Zita have any animals(pets) or children? It's a tough situation. Cougars are top predators in their environments and know it.

I talked to a Park Ranger at the Canyon's North Rim one time who came across a cougar sunning itself on the road. He tried to scare the cat off so it wouldn't get hit -- but it wouldn't move. He tried honking his horn and revving his engine but no go.
Finally the animal got bored or annoyed enough or something and wandered away.
Cougars can be confident sometimes almost to the point of arrogance.

It's a shame when people space interacts with animal space. Again, it's a tough situation.

RichCC Level 8 June 28, 2022

The cougars are at least trying to be good neighbors. They aren’t petitioning to have that annoying Zita relocated. Sometimes there’s conflicts with neighbors; sometimes there’s harmony. You shouldn’t assume they’re bad neighbors. We could trap and relocate Zita?😉

Garban Level 8 June 28, 2022

Perhaps Zita should take a lesson from this man and his visiting black bears:

@anglophone adorable! But that’s too close. Bears should have more fear or it becomes very likely to be a conflict especially with cubs. Rangers will actually terrorize bears that get too comfortable with humans with dogs and fireworks in an effort to keep them and humans safe.

@Garban I have studied his videos. He sets boundaries with those bears, and he avoids the mistake of crossing from habituation into them thinking he is a source of food.

@anglophone the guy that got ate by his grizzly friends thought he knew what he was doing too. I know black bears aren’t nearly as much of a hazard but if a neighborhood child got in between mom and her babes there could be a serious conflict.

@Garban Agreed.


So what's Zita Bernath's problem with them? If they leave you alone, why should you mess with them?


It's their home. Humans are trespassing.

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