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Yes, I agree.

Americans are the friendliest strangers you’ll ever meet

Put aside the stereotypes. Put aside the rude entitled tourists, every country has some version of them. Ignore the Americans you see in the news/make a good story for politics. Come to any American city and you’ll see people who are more than happy to give you directions or who are eager to tell you their life stories. You can’t find many countries with strangers who are so willing to engage and help you.

Edit: Ok I’ve been reading through a lot of comments. Yes the worlds a big place. Many countries are welcoming to strangers, but at the very least I don’t think the USA deserves the bad rep it gets. It’s just the vocal minority that people focus on, and people hardly hold other countries to that standard. I am still going to standby my statement.


Some years ago, I was on a Segway tour in Paris with some Americans and others from different countries. There was also an English family including two young children. One funny American guy was making a lot jokes and we were all laughing, but some time later, he walked over to the English family and apologised to the parents that one of the jokes he made included the word 'asshole' and it was most inappropriate around the children. His apology was immediately accepted by the parents, of course (in fact, they weren't offended by the word at all). That's how nice this American guy was.

Stereotyping is one of my pet hates. How can anyone love or hate an entire group of people, let alone an entire nation of people???

Ryo1 8 July 25

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Any time I'm overseas for and extended period (I'm American) I'm struck by the loudness and crassness of my fellow Americans when I return.

Well, you live in a huge country. You've gotta shout to be heard. Lol
For the same reason (and I'm convinced), the Chinese acquaintances of mine are all loud. Lol

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