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Do we like our friends because they stink like we do?



skado 9 Aug 2

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I love the smell of my children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, I think because they have my genes, so they feel familiar, and I like to snuggle with them. I loved the smell of my ex-boyfriend, unless he'd been eating garlic and onions or spicy foods. I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact that he used the same cologne/scent as my dad.

I've been turned off by the smell other friends and possible romantic partners, so I keep my distance. Therefore, I think there is something to that smell of familiarity. I think it's also that when we're eating the same foods, there is an attraction to the odor of our companions. That's why eating together as a family or dining out makes a good date! If ordering similar options for the menu.


I loved the fact that my husband smelled different than me. I purposely made sure he used a different soap so that would continue.

I think that the personal cleaning products that we use affect our odor. That means, I don't understand how modern humans real odor can be sensed.

We do try our best to cover it up in most social circumstances.

Off course it is probable that personal cleansing products are made to enhance the smells we like, not get rid of smells altogether.


we're all dogs.

always on full sniff

@skado hmmm....if we didn't have smell would the world be friendlier or more paranoid?

On the days I don’t smell, the world seems friendlier 🀣🀣

@skado I'll have to try that.


absolutely agree. When looking for relationships I've always put a lot of emphasis on smell. I can even recall things like how a grade school buddy's house smelled when I spent the night there some 45 years ago. That's pretty significant when you consider I can't remember shit. I remember how pretty much every woman I've been intimate with smelled.


Are you suggesting that I'd do anything pheromone?

You tell me! 🀣

This, together with a sense of awe and majesty might account for my incipient, inchoate religious naturalism.


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