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I heard a news host mis-pronounce her Star Trek character name so badly I didn't know who she was talking about. I thought, that couldn't have been more off if you tried... it sounded backwards and underwater or something. It's just as it's spelled, Uh - hu - ra. Sound it out (dip shit)... I wondered how she got a speaking job. By contrast, Nichelle was so poised and perfect.


RIP Nichelle, you were a bright light that brought intelligence and strength to a generation of black children who needed a hero at that time in our history. 😘


I always loved Uhura, Nichelle Nichols was perfect for that part. She was so beautiful, intelligent and classy. But most of all, she was a woman, with rank, on a Star Ship at a time when women were never trained to be astronauts in the US. Well one woman was, but was never sent up. She was a beacon of hope that things would get better for all minorities, whether it be of color or of gender. RIP Ms Nichols!

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