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Knowledge overconfidence is associated with anti-consensus views on controversial scientific issues



skado 9 Aug 5

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They are not just scientific issues alone.
Science is knowledge; what it means. Knowledge can be misused and/ or ignored. Many of those topics are not anti science but anti how that knowledge is applied.
Example: I'm not antivax, but pro-consent which makes me not support mandates. If you oppose medical mandates, you are classed as antivax. Mandates are social based rather than science based.
There is more to the impact of GMO's/ climatic change than human consumption with solutions being provided by economic and cultural means combined with science. This is where consensus becomes difficult in these areas, not so much the actual science.
Just because it is good scientifically on paper in controlled conditions and gains consensus, does not necessarily mean it will work the best in reality This study is too narrow.

puff Level 7 Aug 6, 2022

I have no idea what "knowledge overconfidence" means, unless it is foolish credulousness about anything found on the internet

And "anti-consensus views"? Ha, ha, I guess.🙂

It means basically something very like the Dunning Kruger effect, they do mention that in the paper.
If you do not know that, here you are. []

@Fernapple i do understand the D-K effect, but does it include ridiculous obfuscation in wording queries?
Which IMO is a sure sign of shenanigans by people with little to occupy their time, and/or a desire to play, "I'm smarter than you".
Tiresome at best........

@AnneWimsey Some people never seem to be able to climb out of the word salad bowl. Sad but true.

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