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I finally blocked BDair and it made my day. Broken records are irritating.

Lorajay 9 Aug 15

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Your tolerance level is much stronger than mine: halfway through Covid I just couldn't take him anymore - he was just too exasperating - and blocking him has lightened my experience here.


Me too.


He is not on my blocked list, but I must ignore his posts and the name is not familiar.


Defectives such as him thrive on the oxygen of interaction.



bobwjr Level 10 Aug 15, 2022


Good for you. I blocked him, too.


Especially when played backwards

puff Level 8 Aug 15, 2022

He really surpassed himself today, 2 totally BS posts and then He replied to them 4-5 times.
i would follow your intelligent example except I worry about any newbie seeing his posts unchallenged and leaving in disgust.


I think he’s only here to post his conspiracy crap. I’ve never noticed him engaging in atheist or agnostic conversations. I’m not on Facebook but I suspect he gets kicked off sometimes and comes here out of frustration to post his fictions.

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