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Louisiana Woman Is Forced Carry Headless Fetus to Term or Travel to Florida for Legal Abortion
Thank your local Republican.

mischl 8 Aug 16

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She should have requested a rubber

Ditto for your parents

Thank you!!!
It warms my heart to upset a liberal.

@CourtJester A conservative with a heart? Do you also have a unicorn sighting to report?


The same as I tell the preacher at the gas station when I’m out on the bike at noon on Sunday; all I need is proof. Feelings tell me nothing. Show me actual proof and I’ll change my mind.

But hey; there’s that. []

@CourtJester Who are you kidding (other than yourself)? Any evidence against your belief in Trump will be explained away in the same way Christians explain away evidence against Jesus. Claiming that “all you need is proof and you’ll change your mind” is just a slogan you recite to yourself for the purpose of pretending to be open-minded and reasonable. But within the claustrophobic confines of your echo chamber no such evidence will survive your instinctive rejection of it. You’ve got too much invested in your fantasy to give it up so easily. Just like a religionist.


Welcome to one of the evils of Rethuglicanism.


I tried to explain this to my idiot twin sister this is the reason for the NY law that will allow for the removal of a dead fetus. I said, it's a medical procedure and it is called an abortion. Her response was well it's a stupid term and they should call it something else. My head wanted to explode.

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