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I just blocked Focus1. There's no way I want to hear any of his babble again.

Lorajay 9 Sep 11

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Yup me to, by this point he is whistling in to the wind and arguing with his own echo


Me too........but only after I insulted him, not that he would understand......


His mommy won’t upgrade his video games until he gets a job, so he’s bored and needs to troll.


Your hearing is far better than mine. (grin)


You have a problem with ignorant racist misogynists? 🤪

lerlo Level 8 Sep 11, 2022

I have decided to see just much I can enrage him. Ping @Betty


That makes two of us!


I just reported him for four of his posts/comments. Pathetic that a grown man takes pleasure in such immature, hateful, ignorant behavior.

dkp93 Level 8 Sep 11, 2022

I did too.


Not sure what his purpose is, yet. He is an ass.

Probably his purpose is to troll people and cause a ruckus.

@Organist1 The only ruckus he's causing is getting himself reported and blocked!

His only purpose is to insult people. I assume it is due to a sense of inferiority about all of his body parts.

He has women on his mind constantly, guessing he's looking for a girlfriend. No idea why he is not successful...................

@puff I think whoever called him an incel was right.

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