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Here's a communist like you guys who actually supports Trump

Democrat still in office after committing murder

Focus1 4 Sep 12

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You're a Christian Nationalist. I don't go on Christian sites and troll them. Why don't you go back to, not that anybody likes you there either. I don't go over there and troll them. You know why? Because I'm not a troll. YOU ARE!

@Focus1 I've read your posts on slug. You never told anyone on there that you're an atheist, you do like to make fun of fat people on there tho and have been called out for it a couple times, even by the MAGAts. You used the phrase "you both"? I can't speak for her, I don't know her, but I am a capitalist, so that's a fact, but I don't think you know shit about free market capital. I know you don't know what communism is, you don't know much actually. You do like to run around calling people commies. Not to their face. Just behind a keyboard. Why don't you run along now.

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