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So what has been enacted to prevent USA citizens performing these barbaric acts? Looking at the excuses they make for their involvement in the Ukrainian barbarity it would appear a big fat nothing.

“The use of torture by the American government was a dark mark on our history that must never be allowed to happen again. We must continue to learn from our mistakes, and that means eventually releasing the torture report at an appropriate time,” she added, according to Los Angeles Times.

Though the massive report will remain under wraps for now, former President Barack Obama placed the document into his presidential records before leaving the White House, meaning a copy is now preserved in the National Archives and could be declassified in portions beginning in 2029.The 6,700-page Senate report details the CIA’s clandestine detention and torture programs launched after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, during which countless foreign suspects were swept up into secretive ‘black site’ prisons overseas and subjected to extreme, and often barbaric, interrogation measures. Few of those cases ever resulted in formal charges for the accused, many of whom were apparently held at the agency’s own discretion, well beyond the reach of the American criminal justice system or the international laws of war.

CIA torture report to remain secret for ‘national security’ []

FrayedBear 9 Sep 16

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It is something that this information is to be is released in 2029, in the UK classified documents have a seal placed upon them for anything from a minimum of thirty years up to one hundred and twenty years, and in odd cases indefinitely.
This how it remained secret for well over a century that Dr. Cripen was completely innocent and hanged for a crime that never happened, thanks to a drunken cockup the then home secretary, one Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. Winston received a letter from the still living Mrs. Cripen a month before her husband's execution assuring the home secretary that she was in fact alive and well, remarried and living in Pennsylvania. The letter was accompanied by a photograph and was notarized. The Drunk Churchill had put the letter unopened in his pocket and forgotten about it until asked to return it for the archives and its content was then discovered. Later when Prime Minister Churchill had the archives of his time as home secretary sealed under the official secrets act for one hundred years. This was presumably to protect his own reputation and that of Scotland Yard who had taken the almost unique action of arresting Cripen for murder despite the absence of a body (it was ruled a scrap of blood stained material found in the cellar of the Cripen house was enough to constitute a corpse).
incidentally the same precedent was used to execute John George Haigh the acid bath Murderer when a finger nail clipping was ruled as sufficient to constitute a corpse. The difference being that after sentencing and before execution Haig confessed to a further three murders, where as Cripen protested his innocence right up to his statement on the gallows.

Never did appreciate Winnie.

Bold highlighting mine of a very disturbing fact that a ¼ of world countries were bullied, bribed or willing to aquiesce & assist the US led barbarity.

The Official Senate CIA Torture Report
December 11, 2014
Mr. James R. (Librarian) Jacobs
Government information

Web archiving
Yesterday the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released its "Study of the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program - Foreword, Findings, and Conclusions, and Executive Summary." (BIG PDF!) The report is 525 pages, heavily redacted, and includes graphic details about the torture techniques used by the CIA. The study found that American torture was not confined to a handful of aberrational cases or techniques, nor was it the work of rogue CIA agents. It was an officially sanctioned, worldwide (over 1/4 of the world's countries participated in some way!) regime of torture that had the acquiescence, if not explicit approval, of the top members of both political parties in Congress.

Many current and former CIA- and GW Bush Administration officials, including George W Bush and Dick Cheney themselves, are defending the effectiveness of the methods that were used (there's even a site that's popped up called "CIA Saved Lives." I would highly recommend going over to Glenn Greenwald's Intercept site where he's been live blogging the report as he combs through it. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' statement on the report says it well and succinctly:

“A great nation must be prepared to acknowledge its errors. This report details an ugly chapter in American history during which our leaders and the intelligence community dishonored our nation’s proud traditions. Of course we must aggressively pursue international terrorists who would do us harm, but we must do so in a way that is consistent with the basic respect for human rights which makes us proud to be Americans. “The United States must not engage in torture. If we do, in an increasingly brutal world we lose our moral standing to condemn other nations or groups that engage in uncivilized behavior.”
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Nothing needs to be done.

You are so ashamed of your country's barbaric ways that you wish to be known as an alien.

Your comment does not surprise it merely reflects your country & its citizen's barbaric behaviour.

@FrayedBear My screen name is not related to anything else in the Universe. Your grasping at straws is pathetic.

As noted many times previously, your approval of anything we do or do not do is not necessary or even relevant.


Did the Russians make you post this 3x?

I didn't Joe. It was a slow connection. When I got the notification I went into General & Hellos but only one post appeared. Even now hours I've had to trace on my page. Two have been deleted but I won't hold my breath.

@FrayedBear They're gone.

I notice that you have not answered the question "So what has been enacted to prevent USA citizens performing these barbaric acts? "

@FrayedBear Maybe Trump stole the Obama document and sold them to Putin, or Alex Jones.

@barjoe I tried to download the redacted copy of the Senate 500+ page report from Sandford but either my connection was too slow or it's redacted 100% to non Americans.

@FrayedBear I have no interest in that but I would think it would be available to you.

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