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The Al Franken podcast.

silverotter11 9 Sep 18

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If only people would listen to people like Krugman and Chomsky we would have a far better world.


I love the Leo Kottke music lead-in. "Julie's House." It's Al Franken's favorite Kottke song. They're friends. Plus, great podcast!!!

I have been a Franken AND Kottke fan since the 70's.

@phoenixone1 Same here! I've seen Kottke 3 times, and hope to see him again. I love his sense of humor. He and Franken must really be a pair!

@Organist1 you lucky person...Kottke doesn't get down in this part of Alabama unfortunately. I wish I could have seen him back in the 90's when he was touring with Michael Hedges...THAT would have been EPIC.

@phoenixone1 He comes to the Philadelphia suburbs somewhat often. I didn't get around to seeing him for the first time until ten years ago. What a treat! He told that funny tale about his trombone teacher.

@Organist1 he is an AMAZING Artist. The videos of his live performances are sooo funny.

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