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Living in the midst of chaos prevalent around the world makes us forget that we are all human regardless of our identity, race, nation, culture or religion. David Bowie wrote this and as an artist I concur.

Many world leaders recently try to control chaos by fear, intimidation, distraction and divide tactic. When we arevbetter off not meddling with nature and individuals personal affairs.

There are a few here call me a conspiracy theorists. When in reality I'm less complaining about life than most are. By not effected by the small stuff. Making simplicity and prepared for tragedies. Actually thriving and cover by best healthy food, medicines, housing and love ones, covers the basic balance.

Most people call me crazy when I warned about vaccines mandates or vaccine passports, rampant inflation, and lock downs. Many told me its impossible.

Being very intuitive is a burden. Yet, if this get through a few and it all helps me design a better strategy for a better lifestyle now and in the future.

Ignore if you will this warning about centro banks digital currency. ID credit scores and social credit scores. Environment lockdowns and vaccines for it. Storm vaccines. Cyber wars and green passports. All in the mist of an economy and energy crisis. How can this be good. The vaccines catch me off guard and it did hurt me a little, yet will be ready for the globalist obsolete this time

Castlepaloma 8 Oct 3

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