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Australian Reform Group Getup is pushing the issue on behalf of Australians & Australian FNP.

Over the weekend, racist and far-right political ideologies were espoused at the Conservative Political Action Conference – the conservative and problematic conference where far right extremists and conservative ideologues like Tony Abbott and Nigel Farage come together.[1]

The architect of Brexit and the former "Indigenous Affairs Prime Minister" spent the conference, along with a slew of Sky News hosts, trying to tell us – First Nations people – what our communities need.

Their divisive and hate-filled tirades are nothing new. For decades, we've protested against attacks on our communities from the Abbotts and Farages of the world.

But right now is a moment we can't take for granted.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has restated his commitment to hold a referendum to enshrine an Indigenous Voice to parliament in the constitution during this term. Potentially as soon as next year.

But if far-right commentators win this narrative, we might never get this opportunity again, giving them the blue print to tear the country apart with their hatred.

That's why we must ensure our voices – the voices of First Nations communities across the country and their allies uniting in solidarity – are louder, stronger, and more powerful than hate.

It starts here. Can you sign the pledge and support our calls for a treaty?

This moment has launched a conversation about First Nations justice in this country — and what that means for issues that impact First Nations people and communities. From land rights, deaths in custody, cultural heritage, and so many issues right across our communities.

It also ignited the debate on the order in which we should address substantive rights such as Treaty or Truth Telling — these are critical discussions.

The referendum is a once-in-a-generation moment, but with the passing of the Queen, now is also the time to talk about a treaty.

History tells us most referendums don't succeed — only eight out of 44 have been successful in Australia. This referendum has the potential to set the fight for First Nations justice backwards, or propel the conversation forward.

Our communities fought for generations against the colonialism that the monarchy continues to profit from. Yet we are the only Commonwealth nation that does not have this established with First Nations people.

Reparations, a treaty or land back have not been made in response to the legacy of injustices we face, the genocide, and discrimination from the monarchy and colony.

This always was and always will be Aboriginal land. It's high time we had a treaty.

Will you put pressure on the Albanese Government for a treaty now?

It's strength and resistance that defines who we are as First Nations people — not the opposition and dispossession we continue to face.

That's why a whole lot of work went into making sure the conversation was respectful and empowering — nothing short of what this conversation needs to be.

Together, we can make this a transformative moment for those who will be thinking about First Nations justice for the first time.

The GetUp movement was built for everyday people to push for positive change, which is exactly what members like you are doing.

And now, more than ever, First Nations voices are calling for treaty. The time is now to take responsibility as a nation to push the government to act. Without the people calling on the Albanese Government for a treaty we won't get there.
For the future,

Amy, Anyupa, Edie, Jordan, Tamika, Nick, and Samala, for the GetUp team

All First Nations work at GetUp is led by a team of campaigners and organisers from the Widjabul Wia-bul, Gooreng Gooreng, Warlpiri, Luritja-Pitjantjatjara, Wiradjuri, Noongar, Wakka Wakka, Gubbi Gubbi, Lardil, Woppaburra, Yanyuwa and Garrwa, and Butchulla Nations.

[1]'Get better, stronger political leaders': Farage's rallying call to Australian conservatives, The Australian1 Oct 2022.


See also "Getup is pushing the issue on behalf of Australians & Australian FNP."

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