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What Russia and China are working on together right now, will change everything in the world.

Castlepaloma 8 Oct 19

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Really, you buy this?!... it's just an Ad.! 😆

Diaco Level 7 Oct 19, 2022

I go by more experience from working over in the eastern countries and knowing, more than less on how they think. And study history as part of my business. Its clear to see the direction of the G7 has been out populated compared by the BRICS 5 times greater.
Plus double G7 land mass, equal in miltary forces , their cultures have lived a lot longer. Being a top strategist in my field, I follow the super power changing to the eastern.


Change is certain for all things. That is the only certainty. Human change is always for individual power and that never seems to work out well (though sometimes it takes a couple Centuries to find out).

Haven't a couple of centuries to find out. My individual power was been great up to this 1st wave of vaccines mandates toward a third world war. I've studied and learn from any group or individual going into a better direction, set in actions 10 years ago. Working in China and Russia has helped to intertwined personal and business life. In oder to survive and sometimes thrive these next couple of years of the G7 collapse on all levels.

@Castlepaloma There were no mandates due to protest and I'm referring to the past centuries which have got us here. You are quite right that we have no more of them. Best of luck during the collapse.


Most won't do well, the few will do well that survive

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