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Not sure who this guy is but you gotta admire him. He's waking up, so to speak. Apparently he's a Democrat that's starting to understand one of the big problems we have with politicians on both sides of the isle today. If anyone here knows who he is, please do post it in a comment. 😉

Captain_Feelgood 8 Nov 3

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I thought, for a minute, that you're joking. I'm not sure, though.

That's not some guy that's "waking up." That's Joe Rogan.

His claim to fame? Well, he was some sort of WWE actor/commentator, then he was the "celebrity" of Fear Factor, now he's a professional pot-smoker/YouTuber that has no position on anything except getting clicks and making cold hard cash.

For some time, he's been the world's most watched podcast. And one two hour time slot on Hulu, Kim Kardashian blew the doors off that kudo. Two weeks ago, in fact.

He did have the world's most ever watched video in a 24 hour period on YouTube. It's when he had Bernie Sanders on. He later to endorse him and raged against the DCCC and Democrats for stealing the opportunity to do good for America.

In other words? He's a stoned grifter. But as a courtesy, here ya go:

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