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LINK Kelly Defeats Masters in Arizona, Giving Democrats 49 Seats in the Senate, 50 With Senate Pro-Tem V.P. Kamala. It's 50 Senators already. Even before Georgia, possibly, if not probably 51 Senators. so, Fuck Joe Manchin. We Don't Need Him, and or, He Can't Stop Biden & real Democrats, us, U.S. from Reaching Our Bigger & Best Legislative Priorities, or other Goals, for At Least 2 More Years.

We won ! It's over. We won the senate !!! That's #49, plus vp kamala harris, makes 50. Republicons have won, only 49 seats. At minimum, we held. And, we'll likely pick up 1 more. #51. So, we'd win !!! We should win 1 more in georgia ! Easy. And, catherine cortez masto is gaining ground in nevada. Still. Maybe we'll win 2 more seats, we might get a declared
win, or loss, in nevada by saturday, or sunday. We won. We rule. Now, c'mon house races. Especially in california. Go, go, go, go ! C'mon for madam speaker & her hubby. For her to retire, or retain, the speakers chair. In victory, with honor. And, the great thanks of a nation. Woo ! Whoo !!!

HankHunter13 7 Nov 12

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As of last night, the dems have control of the Senate. They will have even more control when Warnock wins Georgia next month.


You forgot Ms. Prissy Kristen..we do need Sen. Warnock to lock down the Senate from Manchin and Sinema.
As for Nancy, she needs to pass the gavel to a GenX, it's time to retire, same for Chuck Schumer..


On NPR this morning, they said in Nevada the republican candidate was ahead by about 800 votes, with a little more than 10,000 votes to count, so it is still possible that democrats will pick up another senate seat, although I am not too optimistic. Then there will be the Georgia Senate run off election in early December. Usually in run offs, more than 90% of the time the person who had the most votes before the run off, usually wins the run off. The democrat had the most votes.

An interesting note. In Georgia, the run off rules were implemented way back when by racists who thought if a black man came close to winning, then the white people would rally around the white candidate. In this case both the candidates happen to be black. I doubt the racists, from way back when, saw that one coming.

Another interesting note. At least two dead persons won elections to the house of representatives in 2022. The ballots were printed up before the persons died, and strangely even though they were dead, they still won their elections. There will be special elections for those seats.

Democrats have 47 Senate seats, and there are two independents who caucus with the democrats, which theoretically gives them 49. If the Dems win either Nevada or Georgia, they will have 50, and the Vice President would be a tie breaker. If they win in both states, then they would have a majority without a tie breaker vote.


50 Rep, 48 Dem, 2 Ind. is what we have had for the last two years. Harris can only vote as a tie breaker. If the Dems win one of the last two it will the same in 2023. The two Independents caucus with the Dems. Besides Manchin you have to worry about Krysten Sinema of AZ.


Not so fast... That would make it 50/50 with no majority and there will be two others. Whether the two remaining go to Dems or Republicans one party will have a very slight advantage and that has still not been determined. If Cortez-Mastro in NV wins (and that is very possible) them the Dems have teh majority with or without Warnock in GA.


If we are only at 49, Kamala won't help, because that would mean 51 for the thugs. Hoping beyond hope that we get the other 2.

see above. we're already at 50.

@HankHunter13 but you included Kamala

@HankHunter13 Harris is a tie breaker. We have not had a tie yet and if Cortez-Mastro and Warnock both win there will be no need for a tie breaker to determine the majority going forward. We might know this afternoon, so hang tight.

@HankHunter13 all good now as long as Manchin and Sinema step it up

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