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LINK A failed GOP 'victory party' in Arizona reveals another reason why there was no 'red wave'

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... But those explanations, while certainly valid, all skate away from a more imposing elephant (no pun intended) in the room, one that’s been treated with curious diffidence by the beltway press: The reality that the Republican Party has at this point in time transformed itself into a soundboard for some of the ugliest, nastiest, most hate-driven people in the country. People who literally make your skin crawl with their performative cruelty and sheer meanness. People who no decent human being would want their children to emulate, let alone associate with — or vote for.
It may be the case that the Republicans who spoke at that Resort were simply reflecting the values of their constituents. If so, that suggests some truly awful things about the average Republican voter. But most people still expect at least a modicum of decency in their political leaders. They expect them to model their behavior in such a fashion that reflects their own values. That was why the majority of American voters threw out Donald Trump in 2020, four years after those same voters failed, only because of the Electoral College, to prevent him from becoming president in the first place.

The resistance to Trump was not only a reaction to his policies, but to the nastiness and repulsiveness of his entire persona, his complete lack of empathy, his racism, and his performative cruelty. That same reaction resulted in the election of a Democratic House in 2018 and a Democratic President in 2020. Now it’s resulted in what we’re seeing unfold in the 2022 results, with Republicans outdoing each other in their efforts to be as nasty as possible, and the Democrats winning yet again.

So, if Republicans want to know why they failed so spectacularly, they might first try listening to what comes out of their mouths.

RichCC 8 Nov 12

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Yes, the GOP has doubled down on a very narrow ideological platform that is simply toxic to the majority of Americans. They may have finally dragged the goalposts too far to the right.


My guess is that they don't want to know. Just crackdown on doctrine and god for more adherence to loyalty. That's their gig, and it's been working, but seems to have topped out.

I don't know. For years I've been waiting for them to hit a wall. There isn't much depth to their shtick. But they've never seemed to so far.

Maybe it really is like folks say --
'there's another one born every minute'.

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