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All the greatest inventions and innovations came from America ,why ? Because we n the beginning of this nation we dared to give everyone liberty to be who ever anddo whatever they wanted as long as it didn't hurt anyone...

Flight got invented before driver's licenses were a thing! That only became a thing because of eugenics, and it slid our nation backward ever since.. that fucking stain is not going away .

And we will never have so much genius again if we don't go back to the roots of the most enlightened at that time.. Jefferson wanted to free his slaves... But was flanked by assholes that are still here that are control freaks.. but they are outnumbered more and more by the day

I'm feeling optimistic

laidback1 6 Nov 12

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EUGENICS is the problem?
And we should have a thoroughly deregulated economy? So you're a libertarian.
The problem with "belief systems" is they conveniently ignore the reasons why such simplistic solutions won't work: they're nonscientific.
Btw, I think ENLIGHTENED Eugenics is potentially a GOOD idea.

Don't worry you'll have your own economy, with your peers and the rest that aren't in your peer group, will have our own, parallel societies will emerge

& You can do your so called angelic genetic manipulation of love for humanity,and the rest of us will stay the fuck away ,and we'll have our own economy as will you , and we won't ever exchange with you ,your money be worthless to us.. only your peers will find worth in it and it won't be our fault if you don't have enough to make an Uber man...

We will be educated in science,you will be education in obedience. I wouldn't doubt you haven't a clue where the word science comes from and the real meaning.. it's Latin, meaning "to know"

& It's "Nice" of you not to "question everything" like all prominent scientists recite abundantly..but you sure like rhetorical questions

@laidback1 And your world will prosper, your societies will flourish, my world will langish, my societies will falter and wither.
Sounds like a great board game!
Had there only been more regulation, we might flourished too. But we left it all the hands of human nature.
Btw, the real problem is overpopulation and destruction of habitat, and everything else unregulated man is doing to destroy itself. If we had a gigantic Super Computer telling mankind what to do, and mankind actually followed those orders, we could save ourselves, but the ethos of the commonweal has died out, and now it's every man for himself, every woman for hers.
On the other hand, maybe there will be a relatively soft landing, and the die-off will only be a few billion, four at the most, and men will be forced to cooperate, finally.

@Storm1752 you're exactly spouting nonsense that the powers that shouldn't be have fed you since birth..

@laidback You style yourself smarter than me. Good luck with your separate society, especially than ingenious economy you're cooking up.


I'm cautiously optimistic.

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