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A thought provoking article in RT that highlights an increasing problem for humanity worldwide. A problem that most countries are still in denial over as evidenced by rising suicide and death rates worldwide? The question of declining birth rates also begs the question "is it a contributory factor or result of loneliness"

Why has a top Russian politician proposed setting up an 'Agency for Loneliness?' []

See also "A proposal to set up a Ministry for Loneliness in Russia has resulted in a thought provoking article..." for further discussion.

FrayedBear 9 Nov 12

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Poor Mother Earth, is struggling to support 8 billion people at last count. We are ants. Soon may be our demise. She may flip, flinging us off like fleas from a dog. I wouldn't blame her either.

See my reply to Storm below.

When I came to Australia in the mid 70's they claiimed that the 10+million citizens were already too many. I think we are now up to 25 or 26 million and climbing.


The planet already has WAY to many people, and you're worried we're not cranking out babies fast enough?
Yes, I'm aware that poses it's own set of problems, but which is it, too many old people, or an uninhabitable plant?
Something's gotta give.

I only recently learned that in universities the natural exctinction of humanity is already being plotted against projections. The fertility rate amongst humans is declining & as a race we will have failed to maintain the required levels needed to avoid extinction.

@FrayedBear I'll look it up.

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