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Why the Ten Commandments have No place in public schools!!!

We are NOT a Christian nation, hence there is reason to have the Ten Commandments in any public school, college, university, or public parks and museums!!!

The article noted below notes why:


of-the-mountain 8 Nov 18

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As well as morally, they are bankrupt. The only thing one could morally draw from them is it's wrong to kill and/or steal. But, Christians can't even adhere to that. They stole land and killed others for years. As for moral bankruptcy, any rule that admonishes one for blasphemy is as ignorant as one can get. You want a god(s), you better be prepared for people to not believe in it, nor any qualities you arbitrarily assign it. Rabbits be praised... 😂🤣😂


And yet in Northern Europe where many countries have state churches, Christianity is almost gone, and exist only in nominal largely harmless forms. While in America where it was privatized and therefore set free, it still thrives, and in its worst forms.

Actually, I think the people's of Northern Europe are a little more mature than most Americans. In America we have generations of people living off the legacy of the greatest generation, who fought and died so future generations could disappoint them.

@floWteiuQ I think also, that the idealizing of capitalism, to the point of rejecting all social responsibility, may also help to keep people childish. Since spoiled children are the most needy and the most inclined to think that merely buying what is on offer, over and over again, is the route to happiness. That is therefore a type of personality encouraged by both the producers of material goods and the profit making churches, since that way they get to both sell the most goods, and the most shallow, cheapest and easily produced of goods and ideals. A lack of critical judgement is what the market wants more than anything.

@Fernapple absolutely... spot on comment.

@floWteiuQ Thank you.

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