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If I see any more praying hands emojis on FB I'm going to hurl. What is the deal with all the people praying publicly on social media? Recently I have seen a plethora of christian prayer memes and other various other types of religious dogma. Why do people have to impose their religious beliefs on the general public? Isn't that supposed to be between them and their deity?

TheoryNumber3 8 Nov 30

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Yes, here in my community we have a traffic problem alert page due to road work or accidents, etc. Of course, most of the updates on the alerts are just praying hands. This does not help those of us trying to get ready for work and wanting to know if leaving early or using an alternate route might be better. Those praying hands create more grief than support -- of course we all hope for the best outcome for the victims of an accident - whether we bother everyone in the alert string with praying hands or not. Yes, I agree it's usually just virtue signaling. I'd rather not bother everyone in the alert string with nonsense. I do update the alerts if I see something out my window that would be of value to drivers.

They really do that? It's totally inappropriate.


No. "Jesus" told his "flock" to go to the four corners of the world and spread the "good news." I know, that's hard to do considering he also told them to go into a closet to pray, but I didn't write the damn thing.

It was written by Benny. I never knew his last name but he asked me to proofread it. I had a date so lied about doing that and said it was fine. Not my only fuck up back then.

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