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Sato Family's Breakfast, Suzuki Family's Dinner

'We are not normal.'
'We are just pretending that we are a happy family.'

This thought-provoking film (movie) honestly describes the emotions and dilemmas of two teens who have been brought up by their same-sex parents.

High school student Takumi lives with his two mothers in a beautiful house in Tokyo. Moving into a house across the street is Sora and her two fathers. One day Takumi and Sora begin a quest to seek answers long hidden and silent in their unconventional families. Takumi sets out to determine the identity of his father, and Sora devises a plan to integrate herself fully into her family. The ordeals of these households stretch the traditional notions of family, convention and tradition.

Japanese with English subtitles. (It says 'Japan romantic movie'. It is not.)

Ryo1 8 Dec 4

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