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LINK Dr. Gabor Maté on "The Myth of Normal," Healing in a Toxic Culture & How Capitalism Fuels Addiction

I think this guy is our national Doctor and has correctly diagnosed SoA. The good news is that there is a treatment. The bad news is that most of those acting out their trauma won't practice that treatment. At best we whom are not striking out can witness a false sense of calm from laws which restrict those who want to strike out. In that case their anger, or that of their children/allies, will flare up again (probably sooner next time) and might dominate. The bad news is that this first major flare up hasn't yet subsided and could still dominate. A Theocracy, here, would likely look a lot like The Taliban's Afghanistan or Iran's so-called "Moral Police" state. Theocracies don't tend to last but Iran's has been in place for 43 years. The good news is that Earth is likely to wipe out humans as we suffer their angry hurt. I'm on Earth's side.

rainmanjr 8 Dec 5

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Thanks for posting this. Great interview! I look forward to reading The Myth of Normal.

JGal Level 7 Dec 10, 2022

I look forward to seeing your thoughts about it. Peace.

@rainmanjr just a follow up tidbit. I am about half way thru the book. This sentence from the book says alot...illness and health are manifestations of the social macrocosm.

@JGal Thank you. I have been of this opinion for some time now. Modern chemicals also cause illness, like cancer or Parkinson's and, probably, Alzheimer's.

Dr. Mate's definition: Addiction is a complex psychological, emotional, physiological, neurobiological, social and spiritual process. It manifests through any behavior in which a person finds temporary relief or pleasure and therefore craves, but in the long term causes them or others negative consequences, and yet the person refuses or is unable to give it up.
Main hallmarks: 1. Short term relief or pleasure and therefore craving; 2. Long term suffering for oneself or others; 3. An inability to stop.

He also asserts that "no drug is in itself addictive, not even the most notorious "high-risk" ones like crack or methamphetamine. Most people who try drugs, any drug, even repeatedly, never become addicted."

Every addict is a dopamine fiend, outsourcing the hunt for the homegrown chemical hit that makes the present moment exciting and vibrant...Addiction begins as an attempt to induce feelings that we were biologically programmed to generate innately, and would have --if unhealthy development hadn't got in the way.

@rainmanjr another gem from the book,... the mind can rigidly maintain it's convictions for a long time even when such views are self- defeating , contrary to experience, and even dissonant with other, neighboring beliefs.

*Healing , in a sense, is about unlearning the notion that we need to protest ourselves from our own pain. In this way, compassion is a gateway to another essential quality: courage."


Same topic but with much greater depth and expansion. I really love Shetty's mind and what he is able to extract from his guest's mind.

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