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I later learned that one of the hallmark traits associated with conspiratorial beliefs is that of an outward locus of control. An example scenario that reminds me the most of myself goes like this: The alarm goes off, you hit the snooze button, and now you’re running late for work. Driving to the office, it seems like everyone is driving slowly that day, and you are angry at the slow drivers. They are the ones making you late! This would be the reaction of someone who feels that they have no control over anything; they bear no responsibility for hitting that snooze button and not getting out of bed on time.

rainmanjr 8 Dec 7

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This was also me, about 40 years ago. Believing in far-fetched nonsense such as the Bermuda Triangle, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, etc., gave me a rush, because I was discovering secret knowledge that most people were oblivious to. Special knowledge that gave me special status. Which is why conspiracy theorists such as BD Air (and my former self) can’t be reasoned with. It’s also the same process with the devoutly religious. In both cases, skepticism is a threat to the superior status the believer derives from the belief. In both cases, you have to admit that you were actually the dumbest (or most credulous) guy in the room. It’s a humbling feeling, which is why the “True Believers” tend to double down at this point, diving ever deeper into the rabbit hole. And counterintuitively, the more intelligent you are, the more adept you become at constructing intricately inventive “apologetics” in defence of your orthodoxy. (See BDAir’s comments below for an example of how this works).

Glad you made it out.

Your self-awareness is breathtaking! I am in awe!

@AnneWimsey I thought you were in Groton.

@NostraDumbass That too......


"This interest faded after a while, but around 2014 I saw one of the pseudo-documentary Zeitgeist films by conspiracy theorist Peter Joseph and became convinced of the claim that the World Trade Center was destroyed not by the impact of hijacked airplanes but by controlled nanothermite demolition. In other words, the claim that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job.”
It is a physical impossibility that a collision from aircrafts could cause buildings as massive as WTC 1 & 2 to completely collapse at near the acceleration due to gravity. An alternate cause must be considered.
It absolutely impossible for a building to collapse in freefall due to office fires, as WTC 7 did.

BDair Level 8 Dec 9, 2022

While Jr43/Dick were capable of creating a war from lies and killing over 150,000 civilians I have long ago rejected the theory of Loose Change.

You don't have to believe anyone else's theories. Just look at the available evidence,
and apply logic and reason.
Can a relatively small amount of damage to one side of a structure cause it to fall at near the acceleration due to gravity in a symmetrical global collapse?
Is there any precedent, and how did it miraculously happen three times in a single day?

@BDair I have, and did, and concluded it was two hijacked planes which caused the collapse. The answer to first Q is yes. I'm not going to argue this further.

Then you have not conducted a logical inquiry, and you accept the impossible as possible.

@BDair jeebus h, do you ever hear yourself?

@AnneWimsey He hears only himself. That’s the problem.

@AnneWimsey @NostraDumbass Do you have any familiarity with Newtonian Physics?
If you had, you would immediately realize that the 'official narrative' of 9/11 is quite impossible for many reasons.

@BDair no it is not, and i Do understand a lot of physics......apparently you do not, though

You never have anything to offer other than your opinion.
Try bringing some facts and data to the table.
Go to the 9/11 group page, and I will educate you.

@BDair The authors of Debunking 9/11:Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up to the Facts are familiar with Newtonian physics. David Ray Griffin notwithstanding.

@NostraDumbass A steel framed high rise building
can not collapse in free fall,
unless all of its structural support is removed simultaneously.
Office fires can only cause a slow deformation and localized buckling.
What could possibly have removed the structural support of
every column on one floor of WTC 7 simultaneously?
Free fall requires every supporting structural element
to provide no more resistance
to collapse than air. This is of course impossible,
as structural steel columns can
support much more weight than air.
You are believing in miracles without rational thought.

@BDair You no doubt are aware that most relevant experts are agreed that the buildings were brought down by jetliners hijacked by terrorists. So when you say Anne and I believe in miracles without rational thought, you are also saying this to highly trained, knowledgeable specialists in engineering, physics, metallurgy, etc. When you tell rainmanjr that he accepts the impossible as possible you are also saying that to all of the skilled investigators involved in the forensic detective work. Which brings me to the $64,000 question: What are your relevant professional credentials pertaining to this investigation? Your schooling, training, and on-the-job experience?And since we’re on the subject of legitimacy and credibility, please also summarize your training and experience in any relevant medical field pertaining to the Covid pandemic.

@NostraDumbass your 'relevant experts' can cite whatever
mumbo jumbo they want, but facts are facts and reality
is reality. Highly trained and knowledgeable specialists
determined the WTC towers could have easily survived
an impact from a fully laden 707.
In fact they stated that several impacts would not cause
a global collapse scenario.
We have evidence of this from the day in photos and video.
The towers only sustained minimal damage from the alleged aircraft crashes. All the 'skilled experts' you cite produced a whitewashed account of the events that has been easily refuted by the real experts.

@BDair Sorry, chump, but the real experts have conclusively demonstrated that 9/11 was not an “inside job” via “controlled demolition”. You can cite all the mumbo jumbo you want from your conspiratorial echo chamber/bunker “authorities “ but the facts are facts, reality is reality, and neither are on your side.

Still waiting for a list of your credentials…..

Here is some reality for you.
Do you see a raging inferno
softening the steel columns
in this photo?

Here is some more reality for you to digest.
Can you explain how an aircraft wing passed
through or around these intact structural steel
perimeter columns?
Did any aluminum fall to the street below?

After you finish concocting your nonsensical responses
to the queries above' you can explain how the laws of physics
can take a day off.
In a gravitational collapse, what force is acting to move
multi-ton structural components laterally 600' ?

@NostraDumbass if you need help with questions above,
@AnneWimsey is wise in the ways of science.

@BDair What I need is a detailed list of your relevant education, training and experience re 9/11 and Covid. Otherwise you’re just another anonymous yahoo regurgitating internet propaganda in the same way that Born Again Christians mindlessly quote from the Bible. I’m as impressed by their scriptural sophistry as I am by your tendentious Trutherism. That is to say, not all.

Credentials please.

My credentials are that I am an autodidactic free thinker.
I am able to read and comprehend the work of a vast
array of experts. In these times, we have much of the
world's combined knowledge base at our fingertips.
The questions I posed above can easily be answered
by someone with a Highschool education and a
commensurate reading comprehension level.

@BDair Your dystopian didacticism is a dog's breakfast of paralogical mendacity.


Very simply it looks like almost 50% of the United States keeps hitting the snooze button but it's Hillary's e-mails or Hunter's laptop that's the problem.
This tail sounds so much like my sister it's scary. Her journey into it's the other guys fault started really young. I probably did not help matters but when the home is dysfunctional you look for ways to cope.
The best thing I ever did was move 3,000 miles away.
Good post, wish I could get my sister to read it.

That outward locus starts early, yes, but that gives parents a responsibility to notice it and act. My mom continually ignored my pleas to stop my violent, threatening, little brother but she couldn't rise to do that. He also believed his conditions was the result of others so he had to completely control others. Mom's strategy didn't work because he infected his kids until the day he died, she's dead (partly by his control of her medications), and I'm left with a 'Should have listened to me.' I'm saying that I feel your pain.

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