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Does anyone celebrate HumanLight? It hasn't really caught on very widely, but it is a secular celebration originally created to be celebrated December 23rd, but seems they've switched it to a Saturday this year.

It's virtual again, which actually makes it easier to celebrate when you're on an island with zero other participants to celebrate with, in person anyway. I zoomed in last year, and might do it again this year. It's a nice alternative to the other celebrations during the holiday season.

It dovetails nicely with something I used to do with my kids when they were growing up, where we lit 12 candles to reflect values we celebrated in our family. It's nice to set aside some time to think about what it means to us to be humanistic and a positive contributor to society, and enshrine those values with candles for the day.

Here's the info if anyone is interested:

HumanLight 2022 – virtual holiday celebration on Zoom:
Date: Saturday, December 17, 4pm ET / 3pm CT / 2pm MT / 1pm PT / 11am HST

For more information on the HumanLight holiday, please visit []

Invite: Register for FREE to join us on Zoom: []

Enjoy HumanLight virtually with folks from around the world!. HumanLight is a secular December holiday that celebrates and expresses positive humanist values such as Reason, Compassion, and Hope -- and it brings people together to share a hopeful vision of a better world.

Sat. Dec 17, 4pm ET. It’s a FREE online Zoom event! All are welcome. (you must pre-register - see the link above)

Artist and activist Rogiérs will be our Master of Ceremonies, and Elle Harris -- young author of Elle the Humanist -- will be our keynote speaker.

The American Humanist Association's Nadya Dutchin will join The Freethought Society's Margaret Downey, Black Nonbelievers' Mandisa Thomas, and Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association's Leika Lewis-Cornell in lighting the way to a better future for humanity. Tif Ho from ‘Go Humanity’ will discuss charitable activities.

We'll share joyful music of reflection and celebration, including an original song by the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Godless Gospel.

Learn about HumanLight home decorations!

Stay on after the program to join Zoom breakout rooms for discussions on the science of Dark Sky efforts, humanist philosophy, caring communities, and other topics.

All are welcome for this FREE event! Register to join us on Zoom: []

For more information on the HumanLight holiday, please visit []

Julie808 8 Dec 7

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Well, I was worried that my Human Light candles weren't quite quite ready for prime time, so I was glad that we weren't asked to share our decorative creations on the live zoom presentation.

I might set my candles up on my porch, on December 23rd, for folks passing along my condo walkway. It might be a good conversation starter. Most of my neighbors know I'm atheist, or a humanist, but we don't generally talk about the positive values I enshrine.

I'll try to post my gathering of candles when I finish setting them up. I'm just using battery operated candles, rather than the real thing, for fire safety purposes.



Aha! Now I know who you are... Galen! Nice to "see" you! Pretty low key event, but nice to get a start on recharging our "god free" stance and gear up for the holidays with renewed enthusiasm for standing firm in our secular celebrations.


Humanist canadA on 22nd ...
I'll fetch the link later


Thanks Julie... that sounds interesting.


Festivus for the rest of us

I decorated a festivus pole one year, but no one was impressed. Haha. Maybe if I create a small display of candles and my values with some decorations, I might get some "likes" online anyway. Thinking of putting my "HumanLight" candle display on my front porch for my neighbors to click their tongues at. 😉

@Julie808 Airing of grievances followed by feats of strength.

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