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American lawyers sleeping well at night? Knowing you haven't done anything to reinstate the constitution as the law of the land ? Seeing how you let each right erode one by one ? The 4th amendment has an exemption for motor vehicles? How you let that happen and continue? Wtf how dare you ? You're a joke ,the court system is corrupt & it won't take much to overthrow it ,you've really have been losing so much respect that an armed force could end your game in a day ...& You won't have the credibility to have any protection,you are going down ,all of you if you don't change things quick enough.. your days are numbered .. I give you 5 more years at most to get your shit together... Free Asssange.. you fucking traitors of every principle the Nation that given you a great life to live ... Free Asssange now .. free the world .. imprisonment for the real criminals.. and plenty of you in the system have been the criminals.. some of you have just been held back by them .. you are innocent... Take them down !!!!!

laidback1 6 Dec 15

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